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Does this bother you?

Does this bother anyone else?
Does your vote REALLY count? It states that this rarely occurs… I beg to differ…. If this bothers you…then Join me… write me a short note to speak out for the changes you want to see in this country.. Please leave out taking sides with dems vs repubs.. we are looking for real change not simply party changes! Names will not be used in the publication to protect your privacy, unless you state otherwise.

Is my vote for President and Vice President meaningful in the Electoral College s…ystem?

Yes, within your state, your vote has a great deal of significance.

Under the Electoral College system, we do not elect the President and Vice President through a direct nation-wide vote. We select electors, who pledge their electoral vote to a specific candidate.

In December, the electors of each state meet to vote for President and Vice President. The Presidential election is decided by the combined results of the 51 (the 50 states and the District of Columbia) state elections.

It is possible that an elector could ignore the results of the popular vote, but that occurs very rarely.
Your vote helps decide which candidate receives your state’s electoral votes.


Today, I wish….

ImageToday, I wish to write about something that is really close to my heart, Our Children! 
Child neglect and abuse is a horrible, senseless act that just has to stop.  Our children ARE our future.  If we ever expect any kind of real change to occur for our world, then we must start by truly loving our children.  Be attentive to them.  Really listen to them.  Make absolutely certain that they KNOW beyond all doubts that you love them and would move heaven and earth for them if you could.
Beyond the obvious child abuse that we are all aware of, neglect is ever bit as harmful or fatal to a child. 
I know that as adults we get caught up in our day to day lives. I know that mistakes happen.  For this, I  truly do feel for these people who make these kinds of mistakes, but it’s not about them.  Not when the child’s life is put in jeopardy over a mistake that should have never been.
I don’t aim to judge anyone.  I know I would be devastated if anything like that were to ever happen to me. However, like I said, it’s not about me, or whomever made the mistake, it’s about that child, who had no other choice but to trust that they were being taken care of.
The fact is, as parents, teachers or guardians of any kind, when you have a child in your care, that child should ALWAYS be first and foremost in your mind, in everything you do.
I have read stories of children being left in vehicles in the dead heat of summer, being left on top of the car strapped in carseats. I have even read stories of children falling out of moving vehicles because the parent or guardian failed to make sure they were strapped in a seat belt and the child safety on the doors were locked.
Though these were mere accidents and obviously not intentional, our actions whether intentional or not, do have consequences.
This is one of the reasons I believe its vitally important for us to begin, NOW to live our lives consciously.  We simply must put aside our petty differences and begin focusing on our own lives.  We must begin to be conscious of our every action, word, thought, and feeling. When we do, these mere accidents that turn out to be life threatening will begin to fade out, the deliberate actions we do to harm others will fade out.  We won’t have time to intentionally hurt others if we are focusing on our own selves.
We simply must teach our children the value of truth, and true love and compassion for others.  We must teach them that we are all connected through our Creator and as such, we only treat others in the same manner that we expect to be treated ourselves. The Golden Rule- Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.
Until these things are learned and practiced, we will never see anything change in this world that will amount to anything.  It all begins with our children and it will all end with our children and our children’s children. It’s a devastating cycle that we simply must jump out of and find a new current of energy to swim through. We don’t have to continue swimming against the currents, simply jump currents to one better suited to our true desires, then flow peacefully amongst that current.  No fighting, no despair.  When you fight against the currents, you are bound to lose the battle everytime. Only once in a blue moon will you survive that current.  But when you do, you learn not to fight against it anymore, to simply choose a different route and avoid it altogether.
Please for the sake of our children.  Above all teach them Love, Compassion, Honesty and Integrity. For the sake of our children, Practive Living Consciously and teach that to your children.  Only then, will you begin to truly see change in this world!
Thank you for listening
May you live consciously in love and peace,

We want to hear from YOU!!

Hello to all my wonderful fans and readers! The times are changing, indeed! I believe we are gearing up for a wonderful and glorious time.

The Venus transit we just had is said to herald in the Divine Feminine to the world. What does this mean?

Quite simply, it means that for way too long now we have lived under patriarchal influence. The male voice is what our entire world has ran on. We have lived with ego’s, fears, and strict labeling of what is deemed to be acceptable behavior.

Now, we will be moving to a more loving, feminine state. Living from our hearts with love and compassion for all. The labels will need to be dropped. What is acceptable will undergo some serious changes as well.

The male energy is fighting back, trying to hold on. For the first time is years, women have been under attack by those who would like to take office to run this country. Racism seems to be back. And we thought we had that one licked when we stood up and elected our first black president!

In light of the changes that’s coming. And we all know something has to change! We here at Angelic Times with Michelle would like to hear from you!

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The Dream/Venus Transit

I was outside. It was dark, under the moon light. I was looking at myself alongside my friend. My “other self” was naked but unisex. Somehow being same size as I am, I was only skin and bones. When that “self” turned facing away the shoulder blades on the back were very pronounced and you could see the spine in between clearly.
Suddenly, that “self” decided to jump from the roof of the building we were apparently on. As “I” did so, I could see wings pop out where the shoulder blades were.
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Understanding the Universe

I can remember, all through school we were taught in science class that if something was in a solid state, that’s all it was.  The same was true for liquids and gases as well.  It could change from one to the other but couldn’t be both simultaneously.

However, we know that we, our bodies, are actually everything at once.  Our bodies are made up of mass (solid), liquids and gases all at once- simultaneously.  We’ve all known this our entire lives.  But, there is a fourth.  We are also energy. Energy is overlooked as a state of being, but it is just that. It’s a force and a state of being both.

 Now, I am no scientist or mathematician.  I don’t know the first thing about Quantum Physics, Mechanics or anything of the like.  I don’t pretend to either.  However, I do, just like everyone else, have plenty of questions.

In my journey to live more consciously and to grow more spiritually, I find myself with more and more interest in how exactly the Universe works.  How is it that we are taught that you can only live in one state of being at a time when our own bodies so clearly function in all states at the same time?  How is it that the state of pure energy is never looked at as a state of being?  Why does everything have to fall under Science or Religion or Spirituality? Why can’t it all be correct to an extent and work cohesively together?  Why are we so insistent on labeling everything as either this or that with our very limited perceptions?

How many dimensions are there really?  This one, I have been asking for quite some time now.  In the book “Astral Voyages” by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, he states that, “The premise of this book is that there are other planes of existence (dimensions) beyond the earth plane to which our soul may travel (and does at least nightly) in the form of pure energy.”  He goes on in this chapter 5- to list all the planes as he sees them. There are 13. and we currently reside at the lowest number 1.

Some say that there are only 7 or 9 and still some believe there is only the one and nothing else. I have my own theories on this and am inclined to believe there are the 13. However, this poses many other questions as well. Are these planes we can only ever visit astrally, or are our spiritual ascension processes taking us there physically as well?  Are things changing so gradually that we just aren’t noticing it?  We are learning more and more all the time. Making new discoveries.  Are these signs that we are moving through dimensions?

 I look for clues in everything around me. I watch numbers, images in the clouds, everyday conversations, t.v. and movies, everything!

 The wiccans have a saying (I guess you would call it, I mean no disrespect.) “As above, so below”.  This tells me that if we truly want to understand the Universe – we start here at home with ourselves.  And We Do!  However, I think that we get so caught up in physicalities that we fail to see the whole picture;we fail to ask the RIGHT questions.  We have all the pieces of the puzzle, it seems we just fail to see how they all fit perfectly.

 For the last couple of years now, the angels have been telling me about piecing the puzzle pieces.  One bread crumb at a time, I’m being led to piecing them.

 Movies, I’ve noticed over the last several years are beginning to bring more to light-but people do not notice because of all the theatrics that accomodates it.  How many movies have you seen recently where they used the line- “You must first ask the right question.”?

The sci-fi and fairytale movies are a hit, not simply because of great theatrics but because there is a shred of truth to each one.  We do live in a magical world full of other realms just waiting to be explored.

I recently watched a new movie.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the Atom symbol- used as a protection sheild for the planet.  The thing that got me though, was–just as I noticed what it was, a very small child seated behind me said-“That’s the atom symbol.” which was my exact choice of words in my mind only moments before.  The movie was also about time jumping.

 Eventually, when things quieted down, I asked Archangel Raziel (sitting beside God, he records everything he hears and thus knows the secrets to the Universe).  Normally, I hear answers right away.  Not this time. Nothing came. So, I asked my friend to ask Archangel Raziel- “What is the correlation between the Atom, atom symbol, protection and time jumping? As I was saying this, he heard the number 5.  However, when he asked the question to AA Raziel- again no answers came.  When my friend informed me of the number 5 as I was speaking to him, my immediate pull told me that the answers we seek lies in the 5th dimension. Which in the book referenced above should be the Etheric Subconscious plane. (For what that’s worth to you)

Later that night, we were going through the channel guide and came upon “Through the Wormhole” with Morgan Freemon.  This particular episode was on “How the Universe works-How many dimensions are there?”.  We left it there for lack of anything better showing at the time.  However, we quickly realized we were supposed to see it.

Right away, there was the atom symbol again.  They spoke of space-time and time jumping.  They spoke of different theories as to how many dimensions there are and about the three states of being.

They were talking about understanding Quantum Physics and how they recently discovered that quantum particles have the ability to be in two different states simultaneously.  To these people that was a huge discovery in understanding quantum particles and how the universe works.

My immediate thought was- “Well so do we-our bodies. We are not only mass taking up space- but our mass bodies house liquids, gases and energy as well and that energy also pushes us to move, think or whatever it is that we do.  On the flip side of this- our energetic bodies can leave our physical bodies at any time- leaving the physical body unchanged- only sleeping.  So how is it that our scientist’s and genius’ are not seeing this?  Why can they only see one way or another and not be able to blend the ideas cohesively together?

Even Einstein gave the equation in his Theory of Relativity- E=MC squared.(sorry do not know how to do that on the pc.)  Energy equals Mass.  I’m sure Einstein didn’t see it like this either, but to me that says that Energy and Mass are the same thing- They are both states of being. Energy is not simply a force but a state of being as well.

 Like I said, this is not my field of expertise.  I know nothing as far as “learned” knowledge goes in this field. But, I can see outside the normal box of views in the scientific studies.  I can offer a fresh way of looking at old material in an effort to learn more.  So, how is it that scientists can not see these same correlations?  What makes them only be able to see in one direction and only one direction?

 I always knew I had a special and unique view on the world. From a very young age, I have been conscious in most everything I do and learn.  Around the age of 4 or 5 I began to consciously place my feet when walking to ensure I walked straight and lightly. We didn’t have money for braces, so I consciously straightened my teeth myself. I have always been conscious of letting my loved ones know that I love them just in case that was the last time.  I’ve only made it through one semester of Liberal Arts in college and one semester of Cosmetology, so most everything I have learned has been either self taught or based on a deeper knowledge from higher sources. People generally have a hard time understanding me.  However, it is just now realizing in me that other people really do not see what I see. And I am not educated enough in the correct language or teminology to explain my views in an understandable way.

With that being said, Energy will be extremely hard for limited minds to fully understand.  But, in understanding Energy- we can unlock at the very least, many, many secrets of the Universe as well as, secrets to our own individual powers.  Scientists are touching all around it. We only need to complete the picture- put the puzzle pieces together.  Step outside the box of reality for it really is not reality after all.

I believe the more we practice living consciously in our own lives- the more our true consciousness of knowledge will be remembered.  The more our hearts will open; the more our minds will expand in all directions like a light in a dark room growing brighter and brighter. The more we’re able to see.

The more conscious you become, the more you grow spiritually.  The more you grow consciously and spiritually, the more you are able to see and understand the Universe as a whole-because we are all connected by the same forces that created out entire Universe.

I’m going to close this posting with Archangel Gabriel’s last message because it ties in nicely with today’s posting.

 Between Worlds

We are all connected by more than mere waves of communications sent through the air- but energetically and spiritually as well.  Yet, we are all unique with a special light that sets us all apart from one another. Amazing isn’t it?!  By that alone, we already live in two worlds simultaneously– Why should living both spiritually and physically be any different?  Learn to balance the two and you will have achieved more than most of your genius’ who ever lived!
Gabriel the Messenger

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts!


Hello world!


My name is C.Michelle Gonzalez- author of “A Journey In to Divine Love”.  It is my mission to bring the world back into a state of pure love for one another.

What I do-

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Most all of my knowledge, I recieved from the angels through years of personal work on myself.  My book referenced above includes meditations that are not published anywhere else, and I recieve meditations from the angels on a continual basis.  I do not publish any information that I have not already worked through and verified it’s effectiveness through myself and my loved ones.

You will find me to be serious and focused in my work because this is an important mission that I do not take lightly.  I love to interact with others about my work, but tend to keep to myself in order that I may keep my energy clear and pure.  This way, I can be assured that all information I provide you is pure and uncorrupted.

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