Hello world!


My name is C.Michelle Gonzalez- author of “A Journey In to Divine Love”.  It is my mission to bring the world back into a state of pure love for one another.

What I do-

I am a mother of two. I am an author and spiritual coach.  I help to clear energy in your surroundings and in your spirit in order to help  bring the abundant blessings life has to offer.  I talk to the angels daily and recieve many messages from them. I provide personal angel messages as well as numerology profiles.

Most all of my knowledge, I recieved from the angels through years of personal work on myself.  My book referenced above includes meditations that are not published anywhere else, and I recieve meditations from the angels on a continual basis.  I do not publish any information that I have not already worked through and verified it’s effectiveness through myself and my loved ones.

You will find me to be serious and focused in my work because this is an important mission that I do not take lightly.  I love to interact with others about my work, but tend to keep to myself in order that I may keep my energy clear and pure.  This way, I can be assured that all information I provide you is pure and uncorrupted.

Please visit http://angelictimeswithmichelle.weebly.com for more information, products and services that I provide as well as my spiritual journey blog and Angelic channelings blog.  Also be sure to join our forum and share your stories, talk about world issues, or whatever you like.


Thank you for reading and I hope you appreciated my honesty enough to follow my posts here and on my website as well!

Please have a blessed day!



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