We want to hear from YOU!!

Hello to all my wonderful fans and readers! The times are changing, indeed! I believe we are gearing up for a wonderful and glorious time.

The Venus transit we just had is said to herald in the Divine Feminine to the world. What does this mean?

Quite simply, it means that for way too long now we have lived under patriarchal influence. The male voice is what our entire world has ran on. We have lived with ego’s, fears, and strict labeling of what is deemed to be acceptable behavior.

Now, we will be moving to a more loving, feminine state. Living from our hearts with love and compassion for all. The labels will need to be dropped. What is acceptable will undergo some serious changes as well.

The male energy is fighting back, trying to hold on. For the first time is years, women have been under attack by those who would like to take office to run this country. Racism seems to be back. And we thought we had that one licked when we stood up and elected our first black president!

In light of the changes that’s coming. And we all know something has to change! We here at Angelic Times with Michelle would like to hear from you!

Want to read more? (And I really hope you do!) Please visit the link below and then share this link with the world!!! Then please send me an email with your voice on your issues!



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