Does this bother you?

Does this bother anyone else?
Does your vote REALLY count? It states that this rarely occurs… I beg to differ…. If this bothers you…then Join me… write me a short note to speak out for the changes you want to see in this country.. Please leave out taking sides with dems vs repubs.. we are looking for real change not simply party changes! Names will not be used in the publication to protect your privacy, unless you state otherwise.

Is my vote for President and Vice President meaningful in the Electoral College s…ystem?

Yes, within your state, your vote has a great deal of significance.

Under the Electoral College system, we do not elect the President and Vice President through a direct nation-wide vote. We select electors, who pledge their electoral vote to a specific candidate.

In December, the electors of each state meet to vote for President and Vice President. The Presidential election is decided by the combined results of the 51 (the 50 states and the District of Columbia) state elections.

It is possible that an elector could ignore the results of the popular vote, but that occurs very rarely.
Your vote helps decide which candidate receives your state’s electoral votes.


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