Take up Your Cross and Follow Me

September 20, 2012

In relation to the recent find that I did, in fact, have a wife, I would like to explain a bit more deeply.
This message is for those who feel that they need further evidence or proof as to how best to live their lives.

For those of you still needing evidence of how to live your lives, I say to you, “Live your life in love and peace for all of creation.”
It truly is that simple my brothers and sisters of light. The issue of to marry or not to marry is of little concern. I ask you to please release the rules and regulations that bind you. They serve for no other purpose than to blind you from the simple truth of all that is.

Live your lives in love toward all of humanity, toward all of creation.
Look deeply within your own souls to find the true heaven for which you have been searching. It is there that you will enter my Father’s Kingdom. Our Father’s Kingdom.

If you would like to read the rest of the message, please visit


Thank you

May you Live Consciously in Love and Peace



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