Through the Eyes of an Angel

Today’s posting is an entry from my private journal. I wished to share with you all my vision of the world. I hope you enjoy it! If you do you may sign up for our newsletter on the home page of our website. Please enjoy!
Sometimes, I can feel myself slipping further and further away from what our world considers to be reality. I feel so completely and totally disconnected from other beings like myself. So, before the so called “normal” society locks me away in the name of insanity, I would like to share with you the world, through the eyes of an angel.
I look out into the natural world and all I can see is unmatched beauty. As I sit and write, using words that we as a human race created, I realize that there are no words to described the world the way it really is. The all-encompassing beauty and glory of God’s creation. The sight alone, warms my heart. The smell overwhelms every sense known to man. The colors, more amazing than anything man could ever create.
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