Hi, My name is C. Michelle Gonzalez, author of  “A Journey In to Divine Love” (Pen name: Michelle Turner).  I have been studying and practicing theraputic energy work for the last five years.  In my studies, I have learned many different ways to direct unwanted energy out of your life and also, direct much wanted and needed energies into your life.

  I work closely with the angels.  My personal Heavenly Host team consists of Archangel Michael (standing front and center), Mother Mary (standing slightly behind and to my right, AA Michael’s left), Jesus (standing slightly behind and to the right of AA Michael) and Archangel Raziel (bringing up the back of the diamond shape they form together).  I am able to call on any of these at any moment.  When I do call upon them, I can see them clearly, as if in physical form.  I can see their aura’s, feel their energies, and hear their words.

They have each led me to study alchemy, magic, massage therapy, reiki, and many other forms of energy work.  In my practice, I work with these beings to conduct energy clearings throughout your body, homes, and properties.  In doing so, I also give you the necessary information you need to do these same clearings for yourselves.

  I recieve Divine Messages from the Angels through automatic writing.  Many of these messages you will find on this site, some are in my book “A Journey In to Divine Love”.  Still, many other messages I recieve are requested for specific individuals.

   Messages from Heaven is my blog post where you can read the channgelings with angels that I have recieved.  Please visit often to keep updated on all the messages the angels deemed important enough to share.   Also, subscribe to my Journey with Me blog. Follow me on my Spiritual Journey, join me with your own spiritual journey, leave comments, ask questions.  Let’s take this Journey together!

Join our Forum.  All discussions are open. I simply require that you keep all topics and comments held in Love and Peace for all. You can also “like” us on facebook.   www.facebook.com/AngelicTimeswithMichelle

Contact me by email @  angelictimeswithmichelle@ymail.com

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