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Take up Your Cross and Follow Me

September 20, 2012

In relation to the recent find that I did, in fact, have a wife, I would like to explain a bit more deeply.
This message is for those who feel that they need further evidence or proof as to how best to live their lives.

For those of you still needing evidence of how to live your lives, I say to you, “Live your life in love and peace for all of creation.”
It truly is that simple my brothers and sisters of light. The issue of to marry or not to marry is of little concern. I ask you to please release the rules and regulations that bind you. They serve for no other purpose than to blind you from the simple truth of all that is.

Live your lives in love toward all of humanity, toward all of creation.
Look deeply within your own souls to find the true heaven for which you have been searching. It is there that you will enter my Father’s Kingdom. Our Father’s Kingdom.

If you would like to read the rest of the message, please visit

Thank you

May you Live Consciously in Love and Peace


Divine Light of Truth and Understanding

Please come and join me Sunday, September 23, 2012 @ 2pm for a wonderful guided meditation Divinely designed to help usher in truth and understanding to an uncertain world.  This meditation will bring peace and understanding to yourself and all of humanity. You may register here:

    Please be sure to register by Sunday, September 23, 2012 no later than 1pm if you plan to attend.
    Also, if you would like to choose your own personal guided meditation, you may choose from a list here:  New ones are added regularly, so please keep checking for exciting, new meditations. 
You may also purchase a Meditational CD with 5 wonderful meditations designed to kick start your spiritual journey in toward love and peace.  You can find the link for the CD here: 
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Thank you,
May you live consciously in love and peace,

One Unified Voice

Hello all,

I have been away for awhile taking a vacation time with my children and getting my next big project underway. 

The project I am working on, really needs your help.  It is my wish to uncover one Unified voice for all americans.  In order to bring about peaceful resolutions to our countries greatest troubles.

In honor of my search for ONE UNIFIED VOICE..I would like for all who see this to do two things for me…
The first thing I need you to do is to compose me a list of what you can live without and what you can not…In this list please include everything from emotions of love, hate, etc all the way up to what our government should be in control of and spend money on and make laws regarding…However, in order to find that voice for all people, I need as many people as possible to really think about what it is that they would love to see change for the better. 
Make two lists- on one you would lists “Things I can live with in my life” and the other would list- “Things I can not live with in my life.” You may email these lists to me @ 
The second thing you will need to do to be entered into the drawing is to simply share this posting.  Copy me or email me at the above address letting me know where you shared it. 
The lists will count as one entry and the share will count as another.  The winner will be drawn completely at random.  The first wave of entries must be in no later than August 16, 2012 unless extensions are granted by myself.

What do you win, you ask?  I will be giving away a free copy of my next book (title to be named at a later date) in the format of your choosing. (All hard copies will be autographed.)  Plus you will also recieve a free once a week/ 11 weeks Web Conference with me on the Power of Conscious Living complete with Meditations.  This course alone is valued at over $300.

So what are you waiting for?  Start creating those lists and sharing this post for your chance to win BIG and help to change the world!

May you always live Consciously in Love and Peace,

Does this bother you?

Does this bother anyone else?
Does your vote REALLY count? It states that this rarely occurs… I beg to differ…. If this bothers you…then Join me… write me a short note to speak out for the changes you want to see in this country.. Please leave out taking sides with dems vs repubs.. we are looking for real change not simply party changes! Names will not be used in the publication to protect your privacy, unless you state otherwise.

Is my vote for President and Vice President meaningful in the Electoral College s…ystem?

Yes, within your state, your vote has a great deal of significance.

Under the Electoral College system, we do not elect the President and Vice President through a direct nation-wide vote. We select electors, who pledge their electoral vote to a specific candidate.

In December, the electors of each state meet to vote for President and Vice President. The Presidential election is decided by the combined results of the 51 (the 50 states and the District of Columbia) state elections.

It is possible that an elector could ignore the results of the popular vote, but that occurs very rarely.
Your vote helps decide which candidate receives your state’s electoral votes.

Today, I wish….

ImageToday, I wish to write about something that is really close to my heart, Our Children! 
Child neglect and abuse is a horrible, senseless act that just has to stop.  Our children ARE our future.  If we ever expect any kind of real change to occur for our world, then we must start by truly loving our children.  Be attentive to them.  Really listen to them.  Make absolutely certain that they KNOW beyond all doubts that you love them and would move heaven and earth for them if you could.
Beyond the obvious child abuse that we are all aware of, neglect is ever bit as harmful or fatal to a child. 
I know that as adults we get caught up in our day to day lives. I know that mistakes happen.  For this, I  truly do feel for these people who make these kinds of mistakes, but it’s not about them.  Not when the child’s life is put in jeopardy over a mistake that should have never been.
I don’t aim to judge anyone.  I know I would be devastated if anything like that were to ever happen to me. However, like I said, it’s not about me, or whomever made the mistake, it’s about that child, who had no other choice but to trust that they were being taken care of.
The fact is, as parents, teachers or guardians of any kind, when you have a child in your care, that child should ALWAYS be first and foremost in your mind, in everything you do.
I have read stories of children being left in vehicles in the dead heat of summer, being left on top of the car strapped in carseats. I have even read stories of children falling out of moving vehicles because the parent or guardian failed to make sure they were strapped in a seat belt and the child safety on the doors were locked.
Though these were mere accidents and obviously not intentional, our actions whether intentional or not, do have consequences.
This is one of the reasons I believe its vitally important for us to begin, NOW to live our lives consciously.  We simply must put aside our petty differences and begin focusing on our own lives.  We must begin to be conscious of our every action, word, thought, and feeling. When we do, these mere accidents that turn out to be life threatening will begin to fade out, the deliberate actions we do to harm others will fade out.  We won’t have time to intentionally hurt others if we are focusing on our own selves.
We simply must teach our children the value of truth, and true love and compassion for others.  We must teach them that we are all connected through our Creator and as such, we only treat others in the same manner that we expect to be treated ourselves. The Golden Rule- Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.
Until these things are learned and practiced, we will never see anything change in this world that will amount to anything.  It all begins with our children and it will all end with our children and our children’s children. It’s a devastating cycle that we simply must jump out of and find a new current of energy to swim through. We don’t have to continue swimming against the currents, simply jump currents to one better suited to our true desires, then flow peacefully amongst that current.  No fighting, no despair.  When you fight against the currents, you are bound to lose the battle everytime. Only once in a blue moon will you survive that current.  But when you do, you learn not to fight against it anymore, to simply choose a different route and avoid it altogether.
Please for the sake of our children.  Above all teach them Love, Compassion, Honesty and Integrity. For the sake of our children, Practive Living Consciously and teach that to your children.  Only then, will you begin to truly see change in this world!
Thank you for listening
May you live consciously in love and peace,