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Soar Like an Eagle or a Kite

where the eagles soarThere are sweet moments when I locate the cracks in the walls of your heart.
I hide there in safety and comfort of the real love I find there, only to be ripped out suddenly like a theif in the night and cast into a roadside ditch
like a disease being purged from the earth.  Left for dead it seems, still I rise up again and again and like a butterfly, I fly back into your arms showing you that I am yours to keep.

I feel that you believe my love is there to change you in some way.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For you see, my love, changing you would be no good for either of us.  No, my true desires for you, for us, is to simply break away the walls that are holding you captive; to liberate your true self and set it free, to set us free.

It is the eyes that are the window to the soul, my love.  It is there, through this window that I look in and see a scared little child.  This child is crying, alone and scared.  He wants to be held, loved, cared for, but he is scared of being caught trying to escape.  He is scared of his rescuer being caught in an attempt to liberate him.

This child wants to break free from what he believes are unbreakable chains.  He wants to climb up from the cold, dark, wet catacombs of the dungeon and feel the warmth of light and love all around him.  Yet, this dungeon and these chains are all he has ever known.  So there in this place, he is also scared of the unknown of what lies outside.

I wish to assure you that nothing but love, beauty, peace, comfort and serenity are what awaits you.  I know, I have seen this too, during the moments
that I have hid in the cracks of the walls to your heart.  When I find that place for a moment in time, the cold is turned to warmth, the dark to light and
the wet to dry.  Fear and uncertainty give way to love and strength.  You, no we, are able to rise above everything and soar through the air like Eagles, majestic and untouchable when we meet in these cracks together.  Think of what we could accomplish together if there were no walls, no cracks but simply pure openess and light.

We often speak of blocks to our paths; how to move them, how to erase all the obstacles that lie in the way.  Then I remember a passage from the Bible that says, “With the faith of a mustard seed, you can command a mountain to move and it will move.”  I remember the lesson that has been with me throughout eternity – ” Love conquers all”.

So now I wish to impart to you a thought for your open conteplation as well as a challenge.

What if the only blocks, the only obstacles we have in our lives are these chains, this dungeon, and brick walls that only we have created through our own
fears and through the fears of others that we have allowed to reside with us in this self created dungeon?

What if we command these obstacles to be gone and they leave?  Would you soar like an Eagle or would you allow fear to keep you tethered to the cold, dark dungeon like a kite?

As children, we love kites.  They give the illusion of flying freely.  However, in our fears of losing it, we keep it tethered to us on a string so that we can control it and manipulate it; make it go where we wish and as high or low as we wish.  We can reign it in whenever we choose.  Now, I have no desires for such childish things.  I prefer to watch the birds soar truly free about the skies.  I know that I will never lose them, they were never mine to keep.  But the memories I get from taking mental flights with them in my mind are! They are always there everyday, singing songs, and living as free as only my heart is
allowed.  They spread their wings and fly over every obstacle.  There is nothing it seems that they can’t rise above and move way beyond.

Now the choice is yours:  to soar like an Eagle or remain a kite, tethered to your fears and the fears of others that hold you chained to the dungeon that your soul cries to be free from.

The Challenge-  Find the faith of a small mustard seed in yourself, in me, in US together.  All chains can be broken if you have the right tool.  Love is that
tool.  Take my hand, allow me to pull you out of the dungeon, through the cracks.  Then let’s use this love and our faith to break away those dungeon
walls forever, never to be rebuilt again.

Fly freely with me over all the obstacles of this world, over the sun, through the cosmos of all eternity!

(Excerpt from “Love Speaks Softly” an upcoming book by author C. Michelle Gonzalez  excerpt copyrited [not the image])

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May you live consciously in love and peace, Always


Today, I wish….

ImageToday, I wish to write about something that is really close to my heart, Our Children! 
Child neglect and abuse is a horrible, senseless act that just has to stop.  Our children ARE our future.  If we ever expect any kind of real change to occur for our world, then we must start by truly loving our children.  Be attentive to them.  Really listen to them.  Make absolutely certain that they KNOW beyond all doubts that you love them and would move heaven and earth for them if you could.
Beyond the obvious child abuse that we are all aware of, neglect is ever bit as harmful or fatal to a child. 
I know that as adults we get caught up in our day to day lives. I know that mistakes happen.  For this, I  truly do feel for these people who make these kinds of mistakes, but it’s not about them.  Not when the child’s life is put in jeopardy over a mistake that should have never been.
I don’t aim to judge anyone.  I know I would be devastated if anything like that were to ever happen to me. However, like I said, it’s not about me, or whomever made the mistake, it’s about that child, who had no other choice but to trust that they were being taken care of.
The fact is, as parents, teachers or guardians of any kind, when you have a child in your care, that child should ALWAYS be first and foremost in your mind, in everything you do.
I have read stories of children being left in vehicles in the dead heat of summer, being left on top of the car strapped in carseats. I have even read stories of children falling out of moving vehicles because the parent or guardian failed to make sure they were strapped in a seat belt and the child safety on the doors were locked.
Though these were mere accidents and obviously not intentional, our actions whether intentional or not, do have consequences.
This is one of the reasons I believe its vitally important for us to begin, NOW to live our lives consciously.  We simply must put aside our petty differences and begin focusing on our own lives.  We must begin to be conscious of our every action, word, thought, and feeling. When we do, these mere accidents that turn out to be life threatening will begin to fade out, the deliberate actions we do to harm others will fade out.  We won’t have time to intentionally hurt others if we are focusing on our own selves.
We simply must teach our children the value of truth, and true love and compassion for others.  We must teach them that we are all connected through our Creator and as such, we only treat others in the same manner that we expect to be treated ourselves. The Golden Rule- Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.
Until these things are learned and practiced, we will never see anything change in this world that will amount to anything.  It all begins with our children and it will all end with our children and our children’s children. It’s a devastating cycle that we simply must jump out of and find a new current of energy to swim through. We don’t have to continue swimming against the currents, simply jump currents to one better suited to our true desires, then flow peacefully amongst that current.  No fighting, no despair.  When you fight against the currents, you are bound to lose the battle everytime. Only once in a blue moon will you survive that current.  But when you do, you learn not to fight against it anymore, to simply choose a different route and avoid it altogether.
Please for the sake of our children.  Above all teach them Love, Compassion, Honesty and Integrity. For the sake of our children, Practive Living Consciously and teach that to your children.  Only then, will you begin to truly see change in this world!
Thank you for listening
May you live consciously in love and peace,